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  • Freebie 3-d design program

    I just stumbled across this pretty neat 3-d design program. It's called sketchup and can be found here.
    I've just started playing with it but it looks like it will work out well for furniture and such where a 3d model is very helpful.
    Figured I'd share.
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    It's a very good program indeed. I don't use it myself but a lot of woodworkers on both side of the Pond discuss it on the UK Workshop Design forum. There are free tutorials and all sorts.

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      I spent the afternoon playing with this program yesterday. I need to make a cabinet and I decided to give it a try.

      First impressions - there is a big learning curve. I don't think it will do everything you would want in a real CAD program, but the free price and the available functionality make this a good download.

      It took about four hours but I now have a 3-d dimensional diagram of the project that my wife can now understand what I am trying to do. The drawing is very accurate and the ability to put in precise measurements and also have it calculate dimensions is great. I would recommend this product.

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