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    I decided to cut a King and Queen from a 2x4. I kinda liked how it turned out, so I pressed on with the rest of the set. I burned it with a propane torch. I had to add some weight to each piece, so I used 12 gauge shot. Please add your input. Is there an easier way to do this?, Critiques, whatever you got, cause I want to do this again. Thanks
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    I like how this turned out too! Very nice cutting! You should definitely do another... and another... and another... The design options for chess pieces are endless, so every set can be truly unique. You could also experiment with different colors of wood and different finish options. I'll look forward to your posting of your next set.
    -- Jim N.

    "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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      Great job. 2 x 4 is not the easiest wood for compound cutting. What blade did you use? I am not a big fan of burning wood for effect but on this project it looks good. Have you tried staining.?

      If you decide to stay with the burned effect there is a technique used by the marquetry folks using hot sand.
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        Sure looks great. Hope to see more.
        ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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          Great job. My critic is wish you posted bigger pictures. I'd like a better look! Did you have a pattern or is it your own. I want to try that, but I don't have any talent for designing. I'd need a pattern.
          AKA Paul from Washington State


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            Love it love it love it!

            It's all fun
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              Thank you all very much for the encouraging words. It is my first and really fun to make. Rolf, I'll have to look into the hot sand option. My son (12) is teaching me how to play, fu. Y thing is, he always wants to play another game right at bed time. Thanks again


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                Hi, Scroller777,
                That chess set looks great!
                As Rolf said, 2x4 probably wasn't the easiest to cut.
                Here is a brief video on youtube about SAND SHADING.
                Mastering the Hot Sand Technique for Shading Veneers - YouTube

                As for your question about an easier method, you could cut silhouette type
                chess pieces much easier than compound cuts but, they would not be nearly as
                stunning as your work.
                God Bless! Spirithorse


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