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    Thanks for starting the scroll albums Bill . Your clocks are amazing!! They're all beautiful but I think my favorite is the Black Forest Leaf ... maybe because it's the nearest to something I could hope to achieve?
    The next time you're in that site I wish you would let us know the size (how tall) of the clocks. I can't comprehend how you scroll thin wood without it splitting and breaking. Oh, how I wish I could stand over your shoulder for an afternoon.

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    Re: Pictures

    Wow Bill, that is some excellent work!

    BTW ,never mind some of the rude remarks made by some people, ignore them and they'll get tired and go away. I for one am appreciative of your work and I'm sure there are other readers here that are too!
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      Thank you all for the info. Sounds like it’s talent or practice issue not my saws. Wife already gave permission to buy a new one. I will wait tho
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      I'll talk about this specific "slice" of your question, with more detail that you probably want or need.

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      Did this thread get hacked? That is a very strange sidetrack from KyivWorkshop.
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      It doesn’t matter whether the saw table tilts or the saw arm tilts. Either can be used for any project cut at an angle, and there’s a learning curve for each.

      I actually prefer the tilting table because the blade remains vertical. I find that at really steep angles, like 40 or 45 degrees,...
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      This is the tapestry I found in the cedar chest. We can’t identify where the pictures are from. Two among many. I also forgot to mention dad was also in the army Fife and Drum Corps and also played with a big band when he was discharged. Have to find that info....
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