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  • Layered Puzzles

    This a picture of the three of the puzzlez I give to santa cops each year. I give them about 30-40 depending on time .This year got a earlier start so they may get more. Enjoy
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    They're fun ! I bet the kiddies love them.

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      They do have 3/8 birch ply coming up to my head need to do something with it free to all who comes by


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        hey! nice work Kermy


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          Kermy, those are great.
          They begin back memories, I had forgotten, I use to make puzzles like those for my grand kids.

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            I moved your post from the welcome new members section, as this is more appropriate.

            Nice work,
            DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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              Thanks puter rookie here big time know more bout saw than i ll ever know bout puter so thanks again


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                Those are great fun - thanks for posting.

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                  I love those colors. very nice. Evie


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                    Nice work, very striking and clean!

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                      I love puzzles and these are very nice.
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