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  • pinned or pinless?

    I have been searching for the 'perfect' scroll saw for myself..a beginner. I'm liking the Crafstman model 21612. The only potential problem is that is takes pin type blades. Is this going to be a problem? Are most types of blades available pinned and pinless? Help!

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    You'll get lots of good advice on this one, Shawn!

    But first, welcome to the forum .

    It might be a false economy to purchase a saw on the basis that you're a novice. I've known scrollers who have bought cheap saws and give up when they find it difficult to produce good quality work. To my mind, it would be wiser to actually look at a selection of saws that successful scrollers use and try them out. If possible, attend a club, a picnic or a show where you'll be able to get hands-on experience.

    Some scrollers can produce good work using blades with pins but most people prefer to use pinless because they're capable of finer cuts. You don't need to drill such a large pilot hole to insert the blade if you use pinless blades. For this reason, the range of pinless blades is much more extensive.

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      Welcome to the family Shawn, I would recommend a pinless for the same reasons that Gill has. It is much more versatile. If you get a better quality saw and then discover that scrolling is not for you then you would have a better chance in selling a saw. But you will find it very addictive and having a good quality saw will be all the differance. Steve
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        Hey Shawn, welcome.

        Personally, I think you would regret spending that much money on a saw that only accepts pinned blades. It would really limit you on what you could do and eventually you would probably get bored with it and frustrated and try and resell it. Also, like Steve said, good luck getting a decent price for it. There are many saws out there for less money that I believe you would be much happier with. Accepting pinless blade is the most important aspect of a scroll saw. Another thing you'll want is variable speed. Ease of blade changing is also important as is minimal vibration.

        I suggest for you to do some more shopping and when you find a couple that meet these requirements, and are in your budget, let us know what they are and I'm pretty sure that someone here will have had experience with them.

        Good luck

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          For the price it's not worth it. I bought a nice one at Canadian Tire with variable speeds and take pin AND pinless. Regular price $109 and on sale often for $69.99 CDN. The warranty is 3 years on it.
          You are better off to buy one of those if you want a cheaper priced saw than the one at Sears.
          You will be sorry that you bought pin only. I started not knowing anything about scrolling, pin or pinless and I can tell you that it won't be long before you want pinless only.
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            I agree with everyone else. Although a pin only saw will cut nice projects, you will be limited on which projects because of the blade entry hole size needed. Dale
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              Hey Shawn,

              I am fairly new to scroll sawing also, and I taught myself how to scroll saw. I have been sawing for about 2.5 years, and have used a Dewalt 20" DW788. This saw has many great features that are nice for beginners and then into professional such as: variable speed, two-way tilt table, easy access tension control, and easy blade change. I have put over 600 hours on my first one and I now have a second to do marquetry on. I use Olson-Mach series blades for my saw, usually reverse skip tooth. Although, it may seem a little pricey, but if you seriously would like to scroll saw, this saw will last for a while.
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                Welcome to our wonderful world of scrolling- First off I use Craftsman and they have a very good one for pinned or pinless for 99. it has the light also. You won't spend much more but you will really like it better than the other saw you are looking at, Be sure to get the replacement warranty with it- I have gotten a new saw every year when I bought mine and I have never regretted it.


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                  Shawn, I've got the Craftsman model 21601 and am quite happy with it. Current pricing is $129 and it takes both types of blades. Welcome to a great group.

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                    Shawn.. I'm pretty new too because I never had the patience to really do scrollwork before I got this OLD. I went through 2 other machines and eventually sold them. My latest is a $99 16" Delta I bought from the Depot (Home Depot that it). It only takes pinless blades but I haven't found a use for any other type yet. It's not variable speed, the tension is on the back of the top arm, it uses a tool to change blades, but it's got me into scrolling to the point where I'm happy with it and if I ever get as good as some of these folks, I'll ask the boss for a better one. Don't dig yourself a deep hole before you really know you're going to like the hobby.
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