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    My niece saw this clock and so I ordered the pattern, but the pattern doesn't tell how to make the base for it. This will be my first clock. It looks quite top-heavy--how can I make a simple base for it?

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    cute clock design..I love faeries. Looks like it mounts in front of the base. I'm just guessing of course, but I'd say the base is 3" wide and 9" long. so you cut a board to those dimensions. cut another board 3" wide on a 45 angle to go behind the fairie. position that angled piece behind the fairie and glue it to the base board or screw it up from below. the bottom of the clock glues to the front edge of the base and the back of the fairie will be glued to the front edge of angle piece. basically, your base will look like a picture frame you get at walmart laying down on its face with the carboard flap facing up...or maybe it looks like a shark with the fin more to one side rather than in the center.. Hope you can make sense of that.
    Jeff Powell


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      Mag, when you get the pattern in hand, it will be obvious to you I think. Looking closely at the picture, the base is actually the same board as the rest of the design.You cut out the pattern on the lines, and that seperates the base from the design. Then you simply apply stain or paint to the base, and glue the rest back into the place where the base and the flowers meet.Be sure to have a good edge at the botton of your pattern when applying it, and apply your pattern squarely, as the end of that board IS your base. I will try posting a picture or another project that uses the same technique to give you a better visual. (I like that pattern as well) Dale

      edit:::Notice how this base and the koala fit together, its the same principle. I tried loading another picture of this same clock from when it was in the test cutting stage, which showed it better, but resizing and me dont get along! Dale
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      Dale w/ yella saws


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        You guys are lifesavers, thanks


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          I had no idea that was the case. I never cut thinks like that so I was just inventing a base for you which I believe would have worked, but I"m sure dale knows better than I.
          Jeff Powell


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