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    Hi everyone,
    I'm collecting a list of everyone's favorite scroll saw Web sites for an article in SSW. I've already got a few (like Mike's Workshop) but I'm interested in hearing from you. What's your favorite gallery site for scroll saw work? Where do you get your patterns? Where is the best place to chat?

    Let me know.

    Bob D.

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    http://www.sloanswoodshop.cRe: Scroll Saw Websites

    lots of good ones, Cherrytree, wildwood, winfield, scroller...most for patterns, some supplies and tools....this one my neighbor swears by, I haven't used them yet, but looks like they have a good selection of wood ..


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      Re: Scroll Saw Websites


      Now that can be an interesting article. I think you are going to get an overwhelming respose to the Wildwood site ( ) for plans. A very good site and newly reworked site is my favorite for displaying people's works both scrollsawn and carving and turning is The site is well run and is sponsored by Steebar Corp ( )which is an excellent source of plans and clock parts and their ever expanding pen turning line. These two sites should be on everyone's favorite lists. While you are checking out the woodworkingcrafts site feel free to check some of my work I have posted there under JTTHECLOCKMAN photo album. (shameless plug) This site has so much to offer and is always open to newcomers. You can join in the very formative forums, set up a store to sell your items or just post pictures for people to check out your work. We all know how we woodworkers like to show off. So Bob, and any others out there check this site out and do not be afraid to join in. Now before I sign off I want to go on record here and say I get no kickbacks for this plug but just the satisfaction of spreading the news on a great site and since you asked Bob I felt this was the place to do this.

      By the way feel free to mention my name there.
      John T.


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