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  • Christmas Card 2007

    I'm living up to my word. I said I start making Christmas card puzzles in January...and here is the first of probably 80 I will cut before next Christmas.

    I don't make any drawings when I start, I just cut. As is usually the case, I will make some refinements as I go along. The first thing I will do is fix the one error in this first one that is serious. Can you spot it?

    Let's see how sharp you fellow scrollsawers are. The error is something I either did or did not do that's obvious if you study the photos below. This error will be rectified in all subsequent puzzles of this card. Take a look and respond to this thread with your guess as to what's wrong. I can even offer a prize to the first person who finds it and identifies it correctly. I can send that person one of these puzzle cards (either this one with the mistake or a subsequent one with it fixed).

    Here's the card and its back, with the latter flipped horizontally so you can more easily relate the pieces to the picture.

    As always, have phun.....Carter

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    not sure if it is deliberate or not, but i can see the circle around the wreath, and also you didn't finish cutting the top of santa's head.


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      I guess that the wreath will fall out when you do your standard pick up by one corner test.



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        It's hard to see, but Santa's head is cut all around....and the wreath is supposed to stand on its own. Good tries!


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          The bear and the bugle came out as one instead on two.
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            The fur from santa's jacket is part of the bottom piece. It should be part of the top piece.
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            Owner of a Dewalt 788
            PuffityDragon on AFSP


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              I kept all the toys together for one piece because I don't want the cards to be difficult for children to put together. And you're right about the border being part of the coat rather than the's an idea I might incorporate, but it's not a true error. Again, I try to avoid a lot of small pieces in this type of puzzle. Thanks for the effort......Carter


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                The only thing I can see is that there is no direct interlock between the two middle pieces on the bottom. The interlock doesn't happen until three pieces up into the puzzle.

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                  Is it the line on the top right edge of the list that should have followed the snowman's edge? Or is there a colour boundary between the white list and the white snowman that isn't obvious on here?

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                    Phine job as usual Carter
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                      Should you have cut Santa's hat as a separate piece ?
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                        Carter - You may need to define error. An error could just be perception on ones part. When I make an error designer firewood is created.
                        Spent way to long looking at this puzzle so I will take a try at this. Could it be at the lower right side of the list? It almost appears as if there's a jagged/sharp edge from the piece to the right and below the list!!!??? Or, I could be seeing things. But thanks for letting us play along. Been Phun.

                        Paul S.


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                          Utah Wins!

                          Bill from Centerville, Utah ("utbva") is the winner. If you look closely at the bottom, you'll see that I put a locking tab on the lower left side of Santa's left arm (on the hand), but I forgot to put one on the lower right side of the arm. As a result, when you pull the lower corners apart, two bottom border pieces are not locked together and a big gap opens way up Santa's arm. THAT is an error!

                          And this was phun. Bill, drop me an email at [email protected].

                          Thanks folks. You worked hard.....and perhaps learned something about cutting freehand line-cut puzzles.

                          I welcome all comments and ideas.
                          Last edited by Carter-Johnson; 01-04-2007, 09:14 PM.


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                            Very good Utbva. You have a keen eye for details.
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                            Owner of a Dewalt 788
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                              . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
                              visit sometime
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