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  • burning

    stack cutting, How to prevent the wood from burning.Is there anyone out there that can help me. When I am stackcutting, I find the inside cuts to be burnt.How can I prevent this.
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    Re: burning

    I get that with a dull blade or when my bandsaw blade fills up with sawdust and sap


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      Re: burning


      Burning weather it is in a stacked piece or any piece can be caused by a few things and can be relieved by doing a few things. First look at the method you are using to cut by because you say you only get burning on inside cuts. What are you doing different inside than outside? My guess is too much sideward pressure when cutting and there maybe more detailed cuts inside than outside. So start there by trying not to push sideways on the blade when turning and let the saw blade do the work. Next use a good sharp blade. I find the Flying Dutchman blades to be the sharpest and stay sharp the longest. You can get them at

      Now two things you can try with the blades you are using. Besides watching for sideward preasure when turning you can take a file and round over the back side of the blade. This will relieve some of the tightness in the kerf when turning. Next a lot of people use clear packing tape on both the top and bottom of the stack. There is something in the makeup of the tape that lubricates the blade and does not contaminate the workpiece. This works well Try it. Doing all three things plus getting Mike's blades you will have no problem stack cutting. One other thing let the blade do the cutting no excess presure.
      John T.


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