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    About a month ago I was on a site that advertised software to turn your pictures and artwork into scroll saw patterns. Since I notice quite a few of you have done portraits, are you using a similar software? Name? Program?
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    hello pop ,

    I know some use paint shop or corel and there is a few other programs that can be used for it as well , There are as well a few programs that are specifically for that purpose but cant think of the names at the moment
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      Hello Pop, You will probably hear from a few more talented folks on this forum. As a novice I am still learning but have done a few portraits. I use PSP9 the most along with CorelDraw9, but on occasion have also used Coyote for some simpler projects.
      Coyote is a bit expensive - $80. I picked up PSP9 and CorelDraw9 for $35 a piece on Ebay. You can do a lot more with PSP than you can with Coyote, however, there is a steeper learning curve that goes with it. The more I use and learn about PSP9 the better I like it.

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        Hi Pop, I use PSP7 ....mainly because it was already on my computer when I got seriously interested in portraits about 4 months ago. I'm miles from " expert " but I'm getting used to PSP and, like Paul, like it more and more as I learn more about it . The most important thing, I'm finding , is that regardless of the program, there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice !
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          I use PSP 10. It's a good program with a couple free online tutorials offered for users of this program. I see this new program just sold for less than $30, including shipping, on Ebay. It's well worth the money. This with a graphics tablet and you'll be in business.

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            I have PSP9 and Coyote, and have thus far stuck with the Coyote software, it works for me, but on the same note I am wanting to up my game and get the PSP 9 in working order for me, and as sawduster keeps pointing out, practice, practice, far that is easier said then done.

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