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    Hi Everyone, I finally got all of my photos in to one gallery. It has every picture that I have posted in all of my other galleries. I think that there is 278 pictures in this total. Anyone having any questions about any of the projects feel free to ask away. I do enjoy scrollsawing. If I can point out any tips or tricks I am happy to do so. I will also listen to any tips or tricks. I am still learning new things everyday. Steve
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    Very nice work... very busy wood cutter... Flyrod in the sawdust


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      Hi everyone I’m looking for some 3-d wood puzzles like the picture and some other fish I’ve seen them around before I would like to find couple or find the pattern to try to make one for my self thanks for any help David...
      Yesterday, 10:28 PM
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      I received my ornament from Jim McDonald yesterday thank you for the ornament
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      How many times will I make a cut for inlay, then forget to reset the blade angle to 90 degrees? UGH!
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      Rolf, on your second picture did you resize O Holy Night or was that the angle of the camera? How did you carve the bowl behind it? A little birdie told me I was getting the rest of what I need so I can do bowl and spoon carving. Actually, I told the bird what I needed/wanted. Your work is amazing.
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      Thank you Jim I got your oranment yesterday. I love it...
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