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    I just talked to someone and I have added the eclipsed into the mix. Anyone around boston that has one of these machines that I could come over and have a look at with your review?

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    Hello David,

    Let me start by verifying that you are who I think you are; are you David Calvo, the famous woodcarver? If so, it is a great honor for me to welcome you to our message board! If not, you are still welcome!

    I don't have the specifics on motor size of the scroll saws, but due to the action of the saw, the excalibur would be the most aggressive. The advantage of both the Hegner and the Eclipse are that they have a nearly parallel stroke (meaning that it's a nearly perfect up and down motion). While this is important when cutting delicate fretwork in thin stock (less than 3/8" thick). But this parallel stroke makes the cut of the saws less aggressive.

    The Excalibur has more of an oscilating action; while the cut isn't perfectly up and down, it is more aggressive. The Dewalt 788 is modeled after the Excalibur, but there have been some manufacturing problems with the latest models...

    Another saw that has a similar oscillating action is the Delta P20, which is another mid-range saw, comparable to the Dewalt 788.

    I am in the process of reviewing the RBI Hawk G4 at this time, and have been very pleased with it. It has a slight oscillating action, and cuts very aggressively. I have been stacking 6 pieces of 1/8"-thick plywood and the saw breezes through them.

    To be honest, though, any saw you use will struggle with 6/4 stock. Aggressive and large blades will help, but no saw will cut it quickly.

    If possible, you may want to cut two pieces 3/4"-thick each and laminate them together as an alternative.

    It might help us to offer more specific suggestions if you could elaborate on what it is you want to cut.

    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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