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  • new stuff for the shop

    new Craftman adjustable hydraulic workshop stool....

    new air compressor....

    new hot iron tool....

    I'm off next week and I have my next project all laid out and ready to go..

    Thanks to my great family...

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    Merry Christmas Trout! Congrats on the new toy's, I'm a bit jealous of the stool.........

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      Congratulations...those are nice tools..I'm jealous of the new chair.
      I got some more exotics to add to my collection, and the 24 inch Leigh dovetail jig with accessory package.
      Jeff Powell


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        I like the new chair too.

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          way to go Trout -- I bet you will enjoy your new toys... and how many times have you made that chair go up and down already-- lol


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            that seat looks comphy! The air compressor is great got one last year and it runs like a charm still.(well had to replace head gaskets last month but that was like $5 at autozone for the gasket maker, high temp. Good runner though..
            great for a small shop!
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              Trout the stool sure looks nice, being comfortable while scrolling is very important, there are times I will be so intent on a project that I oftimes fail to take a break.
              my big Christmas gift was a joint anniversary and Christmas gift my dewalt, also received Jeff Zaffinos mastering advanced scroll saw DVD we watched it yesterday at my folks house the wife also ordered wood from Sloan's and got me one of those swiveling head lamps that fits your forehead, I got here a Brother computerized imbroidery machine the she just loves, she likes to make quilts and designs hand made baby blankets and all sorts of quilts
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                I didn't get much that related directly to scrolling;

                Got a new shop vac from my wife...and an MP3 player with speakers for my shop

                From my parents, I got an 18 volt cordless tool set (circular saw, reciprocating saw, drill, flashlight and stud finder), a Kreig miter fence for my new table saw, and freud saw blades for the table saw (rip and cross cut blades...

                I was going to ask what kind of loot everyone got, but I got here too late <GRIN>



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                  I received the Jet oscillating spindle sander. I wasn't sure of what to expect.
                  I had some time yesterday to set it up.
                  I am impressed, quite, true 90 deg right out of the box. I suspect it will be a heavily used tool in my shop.
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                    2 hours to clean a 9 x 10 shop...
                    the stool is next to the saw, at first I thought that it might be too high but after comparing it with my old stool, there the same height. there's been times I wish my stool was a little higher so I think it's going to work out great..

                    time for the real test....
                    this is my next project, another Judy Robert pattern....

                    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
                    Fish are food, not friends!


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                      I got three books for scrolling. Two by Judy Peterson and I'm anxious to cut but the saw is being exchanged for a new one. So I will have to wait until the new year to cut.
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                        Trout that stool rocks, wanna trade for an old wood one?

                        Being away from home for Christams really paid off this year, I got a Shaping/Router Table from the wife and a new Craftsman digital plunge router to boot. The father in law got me a new miter saw...I needed one in a bad way. And then the rest of the crew/family got me numerous gift cards to one of the BORGs...spoiled, spoiled, I almost feel guilty....not.

                        I hope everyone else had a good Christmas!

                        Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

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                          Trout, I'll go ya one better ....I have a padded old one to trade That's a nice throne, man. I also got gift certificates and I think I know what I will be shopping for now I didn't realize they made 'em that nice !
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                            Sounds like we all made out pretty good! Like Daryl, santa delivered an embroidery machine ( Brother brand)to our house, keep linda occupied and out of trouble! And Santa did read the forum, because I got a inflatable drum sander from the north pole, delivered through grizzly industrial. Unfortunatly I didnt get all my projects done for my crew yet, so I am working on those still, they will get them a little late. They all got together and got me a bunch of BORG gift cards, and combined with a few I got from others, and the one we lost last year when packing up the christmas tree, I have enough to go make a substantial tool purchase!!!! WooHoo. Twas a great Christmas all the way around!! Dale
                            Dale w/ yella saws


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                              I got two really cool framed photos from my son who works in Alaska, two T-shirts, and a bunch of "food" (chocolates, popcorn, etc.). I would be jealous of the cool stool and all that stuff that plugs in ... EXCEPT THAT ...

                              I am retiring early next year and a "Christmas agreement" was made: We'll buy big things within the next couple of months and call it Xmas. The Woodworking Show comes to Indy at the end of January and sometimes some real deals can be made there. My wish list: bandsaw, planer, plunge router and (ta-da) new scroll saw. (See my signature) Other stuff, too, but I probably won't get all four of those "biggies" either.

                              Glad all of you had a great Christmas!
                              Have tons o' fun!

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