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Completion of the Dragon Challenge 2006

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  • Completion of the Dragon Challenge 2006

    Well people, the Dragon Challenge has come to a close. I've posted the completed projects that we were given photos of and they have a home on our website for the time being.

    I will be putting together a new front page for Sue's forum in the new year with the dragons in the various styles. I will also approach Bob to see if SSWC are interested in running a little "burp" about those who participated.

    Thank you to all who completed the challenge. It was very nice to see what people did with the design and how they put some personality into the dragon.

    Sue Chrestensen and I will be having another another challenge in the new year, and will be selecting the pattern soon. Looks like it might be a mask...something else to let the creative juices flow.

    Hope everyone had fun with the Dragon Challenge 2006.

    Take care

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    Nice job toni..that's alot of dragons. I see you must have not recieved the better pic of mine that I sent you.
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    Jeff Powell


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      Thank you Toni and Sue for doing the mentora dragon challenge , I know I had alot of fun it I cant wait for the next one
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