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  • What sells in a mall?

    I stock two stores in local malls with birdhouses, and feeders that I currently sell online.

    I asked one store owner in the downtown mall what sells. This store is all about things made in Spokane Wa. Her top three were.

    Fish (salmon)

    in that order.

    The store owner the northtown mall, which is closer to the sticks, or country side. His store carries mostly SMC items and focuses more on African wildlife, and exotic wildlife. His top 8 were:

    Frogs (I laughted too)
    Dragons ( Midevil type)
    Bald Eagles

    Now he also said that the nun plates get allot of attention. these are ceramic, but could be scrolled. Don't know about the copywrite issues but here they are.

    He sells allot of plates. I have the book Wildlife Collector Plates for the scroll saw. Published by Fox Chapel of course. So I'll be scrolling as many of these plates as I can for the next few days. I think I need wood. haha.

    So much for my christmas ornaments.
    John Patrick, Bird Oasis
    Using Dewalt DW788. Working on a new line of birdhouses and bird feeders for the store.

    I welcome any and all ideas for bird friendly scrolling.

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