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Shelf corner with a woman playing lyre.

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  • Shelf corner with a woman playing lyre.

    Hi all,

    has anybody seen this design before?

    the auctioner states the shelf is very old, but I am not so sure. It
    looks old, but not as old as before 1900.

    I really like that design, so I may reconstruct the pattern from the pics.
    But before doing this I want to be sure the design is old enough to be public domain.


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    I have not seen it before Pedro but it looks like a beautiful pattern.
    It would be nice to cut. I like the clean lines, and like most corner shelves the stack cutting would speed things up. I hope you do make a pattern from it.
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      It's a new one on me too. I just can't believe that it's pre-1900s, though. Also, it looks more art deco to me than art nouveau, which would put it in the 1920s-1930s.

      Despite these misgivings, I'd still say it's more than 70 years old, so you should be okay in terms of copyright.

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        mind you Pedro I am no expert but I have to believe its a lot newer then 1800 1899 era unless someone has refinished it that aside it sure looks nice hope you are able to make a pattern out of it
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          If you Google images for +fretwork +nude +nouveau you will find someone selling two panels with the same pattern of the girl and harp back in July.

          That suggests to me that the panel design could be any age and a pair of similar panels married up to some wood for the corner shelf.

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            When you say the woman is playing a liar, does this mean she's acting to be a liar, or she's playing her husband and he is the liar? oh, and is this why she's in the corner?
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