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Scroll saw pattern from a tattoo design

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  • Scroll saw pattern from a tattoo design

    I have to admit that all the work for just a tad of sawing is a pain in the aarasses area-- New word?-- sometimes I did wonder just how many more darn holes was I going to have to thread-- now I have discovered the wonderful world of what ever this kick is I am on and having a ball--But -now here comes the kinky part-- my son (Tony) is a tato artist--so we have people in all the time getting inked- well I do get a lot of sales from these folks so I can't complain now can I?-But I was handed a tato pattern yesterday and was told -- Try to see what you can do with this and if it looks and it will be on permant display on the business end of the door of his shop and a cool $100. made on it as well-- Note I said this is a tatoo pattern I was given and yes it is a skull and a rose-- well money talks around here and so I have the challange of making a whatever out of it- but I did like the challange in incorperating intarsia- segmentation and fret work all in one piece- now I should be finished with this in a day or so-- would it offend anyone if I post it? okay or have Bob or Neal post it, I think the pattern isn't as important as what the finished product is.
    Let me hear what you think.

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    We NEED to see what you have created.
    Unless you hang the final piece on sombodys butt I would like to think no one should be offended.
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      By all means Sharon post it, I've used several tattoo patterns myself to make some fine looking scroll work.

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        Sharon...Email the photo to me and I'll put it up for Ya!!! No one will complain about a skull and a rose!!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          Love to see it
          I made a picture from a tattoo and it turned out super awesome, but I'm afraid to show mine.
          Ask Rob to start a tattoo honors section and them perhaps I'll show it. and no it's not filthy.
          Jeff Powell


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