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  • Hank the Mule

    NO...he's not done yet!

    Is it just me? I've been working on Hank for about 10 day's now and the more time I spend on him the slower the progress gets!

    I'm doing Judy Robert's Mule pattern...

    This is what I had completed as of Thanksgiving day...

    I made some good progress on Friday..

    this is where it starts getting good, tiring to figure out the finishing plan..
    I fumed the blinders and eyelashes for about 15 hours with ammonia and they turned out now I thinking that I might fume all the pieces at different times to get all the different shades in..

    This morning Toni mentioned in a post about sand shading. so today at work I found me some sand but after re-reading her article in SSW I don't think that would be a look that I'm looking for...

    so now I'm back to Fuming..
    I spent a lot of time sanding those ears and they still have dark area's!

    anyone else have any other tricks for Cherry?

    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
    Fish are food, not friends!

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    Trout, your mule is great. I just love it. it is amazing. love it , love it. love it.


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      Hey Trout,

      Hank's cutting looks really good! Nice tight cuts!!
      I've looked at the photo of Hank versus your choice of wood. What are you concerned about with the ears? As for sandshading, it wouldn't be my choice for cherry either.


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