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My Leafy Feather or Featherery Leaf

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  • My Leafy Feather or Featherery Leaf


    I should have taken the pics as i went along, but didnt, Just took them

    Progress report on my feather
    Im going to incorporate a feather in my next "secret" project
    It took me a few tries to get to this point, dont have any pic of them.

    Pic 1,2 3 are top and side view of blank, first try at making the pattern, just wanted to see what problems i would run into. Didnt take much care in the actual drawing. Cut the top first and then the side.

    Pic 4 is the BIG feather that didnt fit under my saw, "senior moment"
    I just put a feather on the copier, again i just wanted to see wht problems i would have. Pic 5 is the big feather

    Pic 5, 6 are the the real feather and my small one.

    If you hold my feather it looks more like a leaf up close.
    Couldnt figure out why until i got the real one to look at. THe real feather is curved only on the bottom. pic 6 A leaf is curved on the top.

    Also i added too many lines/veins, a leaf has them not the feather.
    I used a drum attachment on the drill press to give me the curve.

    So all in all i think i can make a leaf now, so can you.

    Next step is to try and make the feather.......
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    Pete Ripaldi

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    All The answers

    If I had all the answers what a rich man I could be. I don't
    But I know where to send you so that's a plus

    If you look to the left of the screen......or the right if your monitor is upside down....sorry I couldn't resist Pete because that is something I have done before too.....
    You will see a link to the Wood Carving Illustrated board. That is sister forum to this one.
    There are incredible bird carvers there who will tell you exactly how to featherize your compound cutting.....By the way I think you are heading in teh right direction anyway.

    Good Luck Carl
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
    Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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      I just saw the link yesterday, thanks will check it out.

      Im going to ignore the upside down comment.


      Now that im off line
      Dear Santa

      I want to tell you about this rotten kid i know.......
      Pete Ripaldi

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        I don't know that I agree that it looks like a leaf..looks more like a feather to me. I guess what I'm missing is that I don't know what the end result is to be...if it's intarsia, your totally heading the right direction. If it's a fretwork that your going to curve the back on, then I'm lost as to where you should go from here.
        I've made some intarsia feathers and I find they look best with more viens, where a leaf looks fine with less viens. I'd slice it down the middle, and then I'd start cutting it into little pieces/viens on an angle, like a feather would have. I made a picture of a woman with lots of feathers and they look really awesome, but I don't know where the digital pictures are, I only have hard copies, and I gave the picture away, so I can't take a new picture of it.
        Jeff Powell


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