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Brass Plated Screw Eyes

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  • Brass Plated Screw Eyes

    Good Morning everyone,

    I'm looking for lead from anyone who has purchased small screw eyes on line. I ordered a bunch of them and when I received them, I was very disapointed, they were the worst of the junk we get from China. In spite of predrilling a small hole, the eye screws snapped and I was only trying to use them in poplar.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    ......As usual, more "QUALITY FROM CHINA........almost impossible to find ANYTHING in the way of decorative or miniature items for any craftwork that isn't chinese import junk now days...IF someone were to open up a store with AMERICAN MADE ITEMS I'M SURE IT WOULD BE WELCOMED. Might be a bit more costly for the needed items but a big saveings in the long run..........No more time spent re-doing items because of small parts failures.........Just my 2 cents worth.


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      Rick, if I'm using real small hardware I of course pre dill and a little deeper than the screw is long. The just a dab of whatever is handy from wax to dog spit on the threads and go slow. Heat builds very quickly in tiny metal parts. It also dampens the harmonic vibration from the friction. I think it's a combination of the two that fatigue the metel past the point. I have no clue if that theory holds water but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn before.
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        Rob,.............Holiday Inn..........??? Am i missing something..........???


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          Oily That is very funny!!!
          Dave that was an add on TV a few years ago.
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            hows about making the screw part just fit the hole and add a little glue to it before inserting?
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              That was really funny and I understand it. I always thought that those commercials were funny.


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