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Well...some of my latest projects...all were scrolled

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  • Well...some of my latest projects...all were scrolled

    I broke my trusty Dremel 1830. (Ham-handed noob!)They sent me the parts, and I'm happy to report it is up and running again!

    Since then, here are a couple of knives and sheaths I made for myself, and my Grandson's 12th birthday. Scrollsawed handles, Natch! Desert Ironwood and Reconstituted Turquoise for the handle of the one with the light sheath, and Desert Ironwood, cocobolo end cap, plus some other stuff for my personal (dark sheath) knife; It is Stingray hide laminated to 6 oz. leather, hand stitched. Sore fingers!

    Santa head and Gryffindor Snowman I entered in our local competition. Scrollsawed and carved. Really surprised I did as well as I did!

    Dang,this uploading pictures is not nearly as hard as it used to be! I'm going to have to do more of it Thanks, whoever got it done!
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    Very nice work! Did you make the stands for the oraments also? Don


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      Very nice. You bought the blades where? Great snow man


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        Nice work on the knife handles, and the ornaments.
        It's only a mistake if someone saw you do it.

        It's not about what saw you drive. It's about the skill you drive it with.



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          Sweeeeet cuts, congrats on the ribbons. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
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            Originally posted by tdub4ever View Post
            Very nice work! Did you make the stands for the oraments also? Don
            all for your kind words.

            No, I designed a scrolled stand, but ran out of time. I bought them at some craft store. I don't think they are particularly good-looking, but necessity never made a good bargain!

            I may try to make a couple of stands for next year's competition...if I can finish my Totem Pole, the Dancing Santa from WCI, and 9 Christmas Ornaments for the grandkds...and the angel for my first great-grandchild. I just hope my saw doesn't break again! If it does, I may have to spend the stash that I'm saving for a new camera.

            Decisions, decisions! Live Long...and scrollsaw!


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              fantastic work. love those knives.


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                nice knives, good job all of them


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                  Fine looking job on all of them and congrats on the ribbons.


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                    Originally posted by jdbcarving View Post
                    Very nice. You bought the blades where? Great snow man
                    Thanks; They were Denny blades, bought from Little Shavers in Washington State. I understand Denny has been bought out, but may still offer the blades, and Warren offers some blades that look like they will do the job.


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                      If you are interested here is a link to an old thread about the steam bent ornament stands that I made.
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                        Many thanks, Rolf!


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