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  • Blade Problem

    I have never used a blade larger than a #5, but, my wife wanted me to cut a hanging flower pot holder out of 1 1/2" pine. So, I inserted a #12 blade, but, it would never hold in the clamp. (EX 21). Do I have a clamp issue or do I need to make adjustments? I could call Ray @ Seyco, but, I know he is stays busy, so I was hoping someone here could help me.


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    Got something smaller? With a soft wood like pine, I don't think you need to go all the way to #12. Try a #7 or a #9.


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      G'day Tony,
      A #7 should knock that over easily. I cut 45mm pine regularly and the biggest I go is #7. When I require tight turns etc even a #5 does the job. I usually use FD blades but for 5 and above I find the Olson PG range cuts quicker.
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        Hi Toneman, if the blade isn't gripping in the clamp there may be some oil residue left from manufacture on the blades.

        Try roughing up both ends with a bit of sandpaper before you put it in.
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