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    hope everyone is well, not bin on for a while with working nites an cutting on my hegner, i am still loving my new hobby so much, each cut i get so happy, love it, the pictures of my lastest cuts, comments good and bad welcome
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    Nicely done.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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      Looks pretty good to me!!! SPARKLE ON.
      May the wind at you back .....
      Not be from Lunch.

      Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

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        hanks guys, hey oily you like my sparkle then


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          Those are beautiful!


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            Really nice and very brave of you to be cutting letters - those are the hardest things to do because they pretty much have to be perfect -- I congratulate you on your patience! You're doing some interesting finishing, too - what's the sparkly stuff?


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              aww thankyou cpowell, thankyou patteM i am loving it really i am, the sparly stuff, well i put craft glitter card onto mdf and then put pattern on, the cut it,paige has bin primed then painted,then added gems and stars,


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                I am so proud of Doddy's progress. I have never met anyone with so much enthusiasm. I have taught her what I can.There have been set backs but Doddy just overcomes them. I would be proud to have the things she makes on my craft fair stalls. Doddy and I work as a team on many things, she has come up with several ideas and then I design them in photoshop or fireworks. The letters were her idea and I just designed it. I feel there is very little I can show her now, she has mastered the art of scroll sawing and is turning out first class work with lots of attention to detail.


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