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Removing something glued

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  • Removing something glued

    I'm in the middle of a project and I glued something using Titebond instant bond wood adhesive (Cyanoacrylate Glue). What happened is I placed a heavy object on top after gluing and of course it somehow moved on me. It is now glued solid and is completely crooked.

    Is there anyway or anything that can loosen or disolve the glue so that i can safely remove the object without damaging the rest of the project?

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    Try mineral spirits, acetone/finger nail polish remover.
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      Try heat, hair dryer or steamer.
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        Acetone will kill CA. Turns it into a gooey mass. I keep a container of acetone on the bench any time I am using CA. Not that I have ever glued my fingers to a project.



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          I did try Acetone. I applied several layers along the edges, hoping it would get underneath and dissolve or soften the glue. Unfortunately it didn't seem to do anything. I don't think this thing is coming off. To make matters worse, it's glued to plywood that has an mdf core with walnut veneer. It won't take much to tear the veneer if I'm too rough with trying to remove this. I may have to live with it. I appreciate the thoughts and comments.


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            How big is what you glued on? can you gently shave it off until you have a very thin bit of wood left that you can the saturate with acetone or heat. You will of course have to make a new piece.
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