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    I had a good craft show on Friday and had a couple of orders for one off signs. I am doing three craft fairs a week now but next week I am doing six craft fairs in seven days. I am attending a 3day event at a medieval castle where there will be jousting, birds of prey etc etc.

    I am building up a good stock of every thing and very confident I will have enough for next week. I have been working 14 hours a day to make sure. Had some very interesting timber come last week, two tome western red cedar and Siberian larch, it looks like pine but many times heavier than pine and I thought I would include a some items I have made from it. Have also included photos of items made from beech.
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    Nice items and congrats on becoming successful at your shows. 14 hour days do not sound like fun though. Keep us posted. Share some new pics of your set up at the shows.
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      Hi Mike. Thanks for your comments. Yes, the shows are going really well but as you say, working under pressure to replace items sold can be a bit tedious. I made over 60 penguins yesterday and after about 10 it gets a bit, well, you know how it gets. I am enclosing some photos of the last show. I did not take the pictures so i am not sure if they are good or not. I am enclosing a photo of a set of penguins, one of my best sellers.
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        wow, how far do you have to go to find that many craft shows? i would love to go to one but with my bad back and legs it would just be so hard for me to carry everything in but it would be so much fun meeting others that like what i like and to try and sell things would be awesome.

        you better take a bunch of pics of that castle show and post them here, that would be so cool!
        also whoever took those pics for you please slap them in the forehead for me as they are as
        small as a quarter, just cant see any details in your work.

        any chance i could snag the patterns from you on your first three projects you posted above?
        i have been making necklace pendants and the first one would be nice for that. the other two
        would make nice wall hangers. if you can send i would appreciate it but if not, i understand also.

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          If you make your penguins in two different colours (dark and light wood, walnut and maple) you will double your sales. I make several nesting animals with two types of wood and they always do very well.
          Regards Graham
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            Northemer. I sent you a PM, hope you got it okay. Shinzam. Yes, its a great idea mixing different coloured woods and I do this on several items already but it is not easy to do it with the penguins as they are cut from a single piece of wood. It would be possible if I followed the lines on the pattern exactly but with some hardwoods it is not so easy to get it perfect every time. I am happy with the penguin sales. I sold ten sets today and had a record day for takings at this particular venue I went to.


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              just a thought.....

              if you stack cut two different color boards and cut the penguins out you will have two sets that are cut exactly the same and they can be switched...


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