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    What program do you use to cut the fancy letters out of MDF ?
    Learning the art of scroll saw.

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    I use whatever word processor I have on my computer. My most used is Open Office 3, mainly because its good and its free. You have a wide variety of fonts to choose from as well as character sizes(points). If you need heavy letters, the use the bold or extra bold. There are some outline fonts, but I prefer the solid black. Just remember to leave some attachment points so the letters don't free float around. An occasional line drawn with a white drawing pencil is a good reminder. Changing the color is helpful for some.
    Just play around with it, print and cut it out into usable sizes, glue it on and cut.


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      Tracing letters

      I usually trace the letters onto wood, but glueing might be faster. I'll give it a try. What type of glue do you use and do you apply it with a brush?



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