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    I have been asked to make some things for our local animal shelter and humane society. They want to use them as door prizes and raffles to raise money. I am going to donate about 6 sawings, but what I need to know is there any copright thing or something I should know about before I do this.
    My saw is a DeWalt 788

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    That all depends on what your sawings are.

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      I am not an expert but I find not too many people will make an issue when things are for charity fundraisers.

      That being said If you go for one of the patterns that is already published within a magazine or book, you will be even safer.
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        I have made ornaments of the logo of society that wanted fund raising there is no problem of copyright or trademark.


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          Thanks for the reply guys. I will get busy and see what I've got for patterns in some of my magazines.
          My saw is a DeWalt 788


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