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    hi there i am in england and am tring to get hold of a dewalt 788 scrollsaw stand if any one has one there no longer need please let me know thanks dave and also what can i use to get a couple of scraches out of the scrollsaw table thanks for your help

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    The Dewalt has a coating on it, but even so, smooth it with sandpaper. If the scratch is catching on the wood especially. If it went through the coating the metal under it can start to rust.

    I actually removed the entire coating from my saw and waxed the table.
    Mark Abbett


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      I have a 788 and I sanded the table clean to a 400. I polish with paste wax once or twice a year. If you do this too be sure to use silicone free wax.
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        ok thanks guys i will have ago on sanding it down thanks again for your help i just was not sure what to do with it


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          BTW, I think a new stand costs around $57 USD on Amazon, but not sure what the cost would be for shipping in the UK.
          Mark Abbett


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            I used steel wool to smooth rough spots. Minor scratches will not harm a thing. I started with 0 then went to 00 and finally 0000. A couple times a year I apply paste wax using 0000 steel wool. Make sure to buff VERY well as you do not want to leave any residue.
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              so i have a new in the box 788 stand as i built my own.i would give it to someone for the cost of shipping.i have no idea what that would be.
              joe b


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