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    Hey All,

    I had a friend give me a couple box's of leftover flooring. I had enough to do our bathroom floor... and not much else. So with the leftover, I tried scrolling. Sad to say, I don't think it is good for scrolling. I wend through 5 blades just to cut the picture (attached). Also, the edges of the topflooring laminate chipped out a bit.

    Might be good for something larger... like a magazine rack... and maybe a scrolled name on it. But I think this material is a bust for scrolling...
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    You might try a metal cutting blade. definitely not a skip tooth
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      yea, it's basically cardboard with a plastic photo glued on top. I wouldn't scroll it, but I do have a few pieces in my shop. I'm made drawer bottoms with it. I also find it works great for glueing stuff on. Wipe it down with some johson's paste wax to help prevent glue from sticking to the surface.
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