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Looking for a pattern of a Boxer Dog

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  • Looking for a pattern of a Boxer Dog

    Hi Everyone, I am wanting to know if someone may be able to help me here? I am looking for a pattern for a Boxer Dog. I have found out today that a co-worker has a birthday coming up next week and she loves boxers. I really do not have enough time to order a pattern and get it cut. Could someone help me out PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE? Thanks to All, Steve
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    Hi Steve,

    PM me your email address and I will send you one. I couldn't find a lot out there. Maybe this one will work.

    Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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      I bet Kathy Wise has one.
      Jeff Powell


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        Yes Jeff, Kathy Wise does have a couple of patterns of boxers, however they are intarsia.

        I emailed Steviegwood to ask what style was appropriate. As a human previously owned by a boxer, I have several patterns, fretwork and intarsia/segmentation, that have been designed over the years of Dance.

        Dance was a flashy fawn boxer with the ears cropped. I don't see many patterns of boxers in this fashion. I often used photos of Dance as a guide for pet memorials. I don't like to use pet memorials for the site, that just doesn't seem right to me and have no recent cuttings of the patterns. Oddly, I can't cut patterns of her anymore, not yet anyhow.

        I'll see what I can do about having someone cut them for me, think Sue is going to do a segmented version of one, and we have a couple testers who like the intarsia....

        Stevieg, check your email. I hope the pattern I selected for you Steviegwood, is appropriate. (In memory of Dreamheart's Sundance of Tanoak, August 1994 - March 2006) "Someone Say Cookie?" Fretwork.

        Take care
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          Thanks Toni, and you got yourself a deal. The co-worker that I was speaking of just got a pup named Alexis. I only hope to do the pattern proud. I will send you a photo as soon as I get it done. I will let you post the photo and add your comments on it. After all it is your Boxer. Thanks again, Steve P.S. I almost forgot. Thanks to Mike for the other boxer pattern I am blessed to have you all as a second family. May God Bless each and everyone of you. Steve
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            Great work!

            Thanks Steve you did a great job on Dance here.

            If you don't mind, I would like to use this photo of your work on the site to represent the pattern, "Someone Say Cookie?" Fretwork.

            Hope your cutting was a success in your eyes.

            Take care
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              Hi Toni, I am glad that you thought that it was good enough to post. Knowing the story behind the the pattern I will take that as a great compliment. I will send you a photo of the end result when I get it framed and finished. Any time that you need a fret piece cut without changes give me a shout. I like making sawdust. Thanks again Toni, Steve
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                You did Very good Steve- Being a human that is owned by a Boxer myself I have seen my Veto make that same look when I have something that he can hear but can't see. I aquired my buddy just over a month ago from my son who got him from a policeman friend of his . Veto is very protective of me and always at my side- we have a very strong bond that *I hope last for many long years to come- He isn't my first boxer but he is the first one that I have seen that won't jump the fence. --and he minds .


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