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  • Rockler LED light with magnification


    I am just setting up my Excalibur EX-30 and thought a light and magnifier would be useful. I did my research and purchased the setup from Rocker. I took it out of the box and the arm is so short that there is essentially no place you could permananty mount it. It is too short to put on the top of the upper arm or the side of the upper arm for that matter, it will work on the table or on the surface the saw sits on but then it is in the way for larger peices where you would utilize the full capacity of the EX-30 work surface.

    Is anyone else using this light with an EX-30? If so where did you put it? The last thing I want to do is worry about relocating the light all of the time.

    I find it a little funny that they make mention that the arm for the light is longer than the competition. What does the competition use? An illuminated monacle?

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    I know what you mean. I have the same thing on my P20. I mounted it from the bottom of a cabinet, which is on the wall next to my saw. I did have it on the bed of the saw but the vibration was to much. I am working on a project and the magnification is the best. I use the leds in the unit and a spot light on the other side. Maybe you could make a bracket from the ceiling, this was my second idea but what I have now is ok but the swing of a larger piece can hit it, then I move the saw a little.
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      I have few ideas I need to try when I get some time in the shop. Just frustrating to pay that kind of money for what is marketed as a superior product (it does provide very good light and magnification) for wood working and have to develop a mounting solution. I will provide updates once a solution is found.


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        I have the same lamp and put it on the stand just below the saw. It's the perfect length for there. Here's a photo.
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          Best bet would probably be to use the included mounting bracket, then you can mount in anywhere on the table sides close to the front - Though sure, it has the potential to be in the way anywhere its at on the table, no way around that.
          If the neck was much longer, it would be that much more wobbly, and people would complain about that.
          I have a Ex 21, and I find myself having to shift it around every so often. Can be a hassle, but it is what it is. One word of advice about this thing - The magnet sticks so good that I broke the neck from the base trying to get if off the table. I solved that little problem by cutting a disk the same size as the base out of some 1/4 scrap wood. The wood sits between the magnet and the base, is still more than strong enough to get a good grip, but now it shifts around easily.


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            I have mine on a separate 1.5 x 1.5 post withe the bracket that came with it next to my saw.
            I can move it anywhere and no vibration.

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              check out Seyco they have a new set up with the light and lens mounted seperately and it works great.


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                Got mine in the mail a few days ago and I finally after moving it around from the top of the arm to the base of the saw etc, I mounted it on a make shift shelf that holds my files and sand paper and small cutout puzzle pieces etc which is attached to a cabinet beside my saw that seems to be working for now.
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                  1.5 x 1.5 Post

                  I agree that the post is a good idea, you can install the mounting bracket on a shelf on top of the post. After that the light is good for your scroll saw, band saw, table saw, drill press, etc. if you can make an adjustable shelf. JIt's just a thought. I have the light and mostly use the spotlight attachment, even on delicate work; it is so bright I usually don't need the magnifier (okay I do cheat and wear glasses LOL).


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                    How about getting a cheap floor lamp (like from the salvation army) and attach the arm to it. It would not be in the way and you can move it around any way you want to.

                    Just remove the light off the floor lamp and reinsert the magnifer in it.

                    Just a thought



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                      I purchased the new light and magnifyer from Seyco when I purchased my saw and it works great. The light and magnifyer are not together, so you can adjust them separately. They mount on the side of the top arm up front, all you have to do is remove a screw on the arm and put it through the mounting bracket of the light and magnifyer and there is no vibration.



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