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    Hi everyone ,though I would share the 1st birdhouse built from weird&wacky birdhouses.The tail is hidden by the railing that's why it's not seen.Can some one tell me if spar varnish can be thined using paint thinner,I want to finish some houses with spar varnish but would like to thin it first.If not can some one recommend something else. HPIM2437.jpg
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    Spar varnish is a generic term.
    The formulations can vary.

    Which brand?

    The types of wood and/or projects you are finishing can also effect the amount of solvent used for thinning.

    What kind(s) of wood and/or project(s)?

    Short answer. I'd use spar urethane for this application. Read the label for cleanup instructions and that will tell you what to thin it with. I think it is mineral spirits. However that being said you will not get the same uv protection if you thin it and you will be prone to having bubbles in the finish.
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      Cute project......the squirrels will have a ball with those teeth.
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        hallo dear friends, Iam a doctor and oil painter , worked since long time with manual scroll saw
        and still I have one , your site is marvellous and i ejoy it,and need help to promot my hoppy
        great thanks


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