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A weekend of finishing projects

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  • A weekend of finishing projects

    You know how you have to let glue dry before you can continue on a project, so you start another project, and another? Well, I finished up ALL of the things I was waiting on -- my workbench is clear and I can actually start fresh on something new! Here are some of the things I finished - just little things. I've been making the small boxes (about 4" x 2 x 2) for the sole purpose of practicing the box joints, but they turn out to be great paper-clip holders.

    The box with the "M" is for some friends for holding silverware to carry out to the patio.

    And after doing the dolphin inlay, I got to wondering if I might inlay the palm tree that I've been cutting out on the sides of some larger boxes - I'd say it worked pretty well, except that I learned you can't really do spot turns on an inlay project (unless there's a trick I don't know about?). I got away with it by filling in with wood filler, and it's not too awfully noticeable. The tree itself is 3" high, and I just cut out a one-piece edging so it looks like a frame. It was fun anyhow!

    Three of the boxes are of red balau, one is black walnut, and the palm tree is black walnut and poplar.
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    A clean workbench means you MUST be out of wood! :-}
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      Nice way to finish up, good work. Do you cut the finger joints with the scroll saw? They look great, nice and tight.
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        Very nice. Some days you think you have accomplished very little...then there are days like you had. Hard to stop once you get on a roll.


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          Nice job all around. You are getting those finger joints down quite well.
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            Great job on all of them. I need to finish the half dozen I've started and left to clutter my work bench.
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              Well your going to love the new scroll saw magazine if you get it.....more boxes in it to add to your sweeeet collection. Any tips on getting those finger joints tight like you did?
              Looks like you are having some fun in the shop, and what a great feeling to finish up on started projects. Thanks for sharing your photos Patte.
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