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  • New Here but - My Scrollsaw Cabinet

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of scroll sawing, mostly band saw box work, some of which I'll post in the 3D section. I was given an older Ryobi 160 in good working condition, a new book and a banker size box of patterns! Maybe a push to add a new skill. Thanks to my friend.

    Anyways I'm in a wheelchair, above knee amp, but I'm not idle. I have several saws , table, miter, bandsaw, as well as a OS spindel and belt sander. All are mounted on a mobile cabinet of some sort that I built so I needed a mobile for this surprise gift..

    A tenant left a bedside table here, well built but a terrible drawer runner. It was headed to the dump.. Good to reuse when you can.. I cut the lower sides off, made a solid base, fixed the drawers and finished with this,, The saw in mounted diagonally and fits into my space either on a stool or w-chair.

    Most of my initial time will be practice, reading and figuring out blade sizes.

    comments welcome

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    That looks like it will do the trick.....One suggestion? Raise the rear of the saw about 2-3 inches, you will be amazed at how much more your neck and shoulder muscles will appreciate you for doing this. It really helps removes some of the tension while cutting and you will be able to see the wood surface much more clearly.
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      I'm with Mike about - the Raiseing the rear of the table will help you in the long run ........MB
      Usually busier than a cat in a sandbox !!!!!!!!!!! MB { Dewalt 788 only }


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        Hi Glen. I love your ability to adapt. I am in the UK and I am disabled as well. I have adapted several things to make scroll sawing easier and I love every moment. It is a learning curve and one that wont come overnight. You will probably have frustrations and wonder how certain things are done but they are a great bunch of guys on here all to willing to help you overcome any problems. It is the most fascinating hobby I know of and you will get many hours of enjoyment from it. Half the fun is learning though so enjoy.


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          And good morning, thanks for the elevation tips, I did read about it but in my rush forgot about even testing the idea. Right now, from my chair, the deck of the saw is at my lower chest, the cabinet top is 22 1/2" high, saw table is at 30". When on my stool the saw table deck is approx 14 - 15 1/2' below my chin. It does give me good a good downward view. However, if I find neck tension coming on I will give the rear a lift, as suggested. And I do require a good light to be attached. I have several old clamp on desk types I can use. Need a place for a coffee too, with a cap - yes?

          I'd like to post some photos of my other units, which would be the proper section to do such.?



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