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24 Volt Bulbs For Mini Lights

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  • 24 Volt Bulbs For Mini Lights

    As many of you know, I do schwibbogens. My German relatives have seen some of my work and want me to make them a schwib.

    I use a 10 light strand of white wire mini lights with 12 volt bulbs. I now need a 10 light strand of white wire mini lights with 24 volt bulbs.

    This is probably no problem in Germany but alas I'm not in Germany.

    I know I can go the battery route, but I'd prefer to go with 220 volt house current.

    Any help would (do you hear me Rolf) be appreciated.

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    Can't remember the exact website, but look up "Chicago Miniature". If my memory serves, they were a supplier of small light bulbs and sockets in just about any voltage/amperage rating you could think of.
    When I was in the electronics biz, they were listed for a short time as one of the company's "specialty retailers".
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      You could use 2 strands wired in series. If it is wired correctly, it will be half brightness with 110v


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        I am at a loss for this one. But I think my future lighting direction will be with LED's
        I will power them with the plug in power supplies.
        The LED's I have in mind have built in filters so that you don't get that blueish light but a natural white lite.
        I just have not had time to sit down and find the right ones and draw up a wireing schematic.
        This wall unit in my livingroom has LED strip lighting I have find what led was used.
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          You can try save on crafts thasts where I got mine, I'am sure they have them. Edward


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