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This is a wonderfully generous group!

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  • This is a wonderfully generous group!

    I don't post often, but am always happy with how generous this group is whether sharing patterns or experience. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of the group.

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    Cathy, I second your sentiment. This is a wonderfully helpful group of super nice folks. I too feel fortunate to have stumbled into this group when I was needing a lot of assistance and encouragement.
    Mtnman Jim

    taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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      Its is always nice to help someone. We all had to learn and we all had our problems and it is the people on here that we all looked to when we first decided to take up the scroll saw. I get a real buzz when I have managed to help someone on the learning curve and in recent weeks I have bee guiding a young lady via e-mails and telephone calls and she is making real progress with some impressive work. She still struggles with the finer points for there is only so much you can learn over the phone or an e-mail so I jokingly said she could come down for a week for some hands on experience and she has jumped at the chance and just to make her experience all the more enjoyable I am getting a new Hegner for her to practice on.


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      • Linda In Phoenix
        Reply to Recommendations anyone?
        by Linda In Phoenix
        Do you have room on a workbench for a 16" saw----that you can move and use the space for sanding or other operations? I have a larger area to work with then you, but I do have workbench type tools that I have to swap out the space for as the need arises. Sometimes you have to sit back and scope...
        Today, 01:02 PM
      • old fa_t
        Reply to Recommendations anyone?
        by old fa_t
        I appreciate the input from everyone but, I need clarify to my work? space. I originally stated my area measures 6'X10' and, it does. But, I only have about 5'X5' of available space and, that's without taking myself into consideration.
        I know from past undertakings, that I can and will confine...
        Today, 09:59 AM
      • Jimern
        Reply to Recommendations anyone?
        by Jimern
        I'll add in some food for thought too. I was unsure if I would enjoy this hobby (addiction) so I started with the Porter Cable from Lowes. I think it is a good entry level saw, 5 months later I found an Excaliber on Craigs List and have been happy ever since.
        Today, 09:33 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to Farmers market
        by Rolf
        Well that is good news! You really have a nice collection of items love the Wolf. I just might have to make a few pepper mills. And test our market.
        it will be interesting to see how my consignment sales will be. They were this weekend and again next weekend. I will know after that when I pick...
        Today, 09:04 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to Recommendations anyone?
        by Rolf
        Food for thought, When I first started scrolling my thinking was "all I want to do is this and I will never do that as it doesn't interest me". I didn't know I would be working with SSWWC or get sucked into creating Intarsia or doing large intricate fretwork, like Charles Hand designs....
        Today, 08:54 AM