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  • resizing

    Hi, I received today a book called Wild & Wacky birdhouse and feeders.My question is, considering the patterns need to be enlarged some up to 200% what is a good resizing program to use, it must be simple I am not that computer savy. Any help will be most welcome.
    Thanks in advance
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    You will need a method to scan the drawing into your computer before software can resize it.

    If you do not already own a scanner that is hooked up to your computer take the book to an office supply store. Tell them what patterns you want and what size of enlargement you want. Around here it is only a few cents a page to do this.



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      If you have the capability to scan the patterns. Get a copy of rapid resizer or posterazor.

      PosteRazor - Make your own poster!

      Rapid Resizer - Easily Enlarge Patterns, Drawings and Photographs
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        I scan the pattern and then use a photo programme, even one like IrfanView, which is FREE, to adjust the size using, generally, the Image tab (resize).
        Works good enough for me.
        Hope it helps.
        Bob H.


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          I have "Paint" on my computer and re-sizing in that is simple.
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            1- scan the picture and save the file on your computer.

            2- open word and insert picture into new document.

            3- size it to your needs.

            4- print

            If you need it bigger then 1 page, use excel and simple stretch the picture as big as you like. It will print across multiple pages.

            Most of what I do is the size of a sheet of paper. So i will just right click on the image i want to print and select print. A window will pop up with a bunch of size options. i pick the one that is 8 x 10 and print it. It resizes itself.
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              i use a programe called RAPID RESIZER.
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                My printer is also a copier and can resize up to 200%. I then tape the single sheets together to make the bigger pattern. The only drawback is that the line thickness also increases.

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