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photos to wood pictures?

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  • photos to wood pictures?

    Hey fellow scrollers
    I am looking to purchase a program to convert photos into patterns!
    Can anyone tell me the best one to buy.
    I would like it to be very precise but at the same time fairly easy to use!
    Thanks for any help. Bill

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    If you are really wanting to purchase one I've found that the "Coyote Stencil" is great but there are free ones out there that are just as good. There is "Gimp" and "Inkscape" which are two that I use a lot but I also use Photoshop and Coyote but most of the time it's either Gimp or Inkscape and you can find them for free by just searching for them and there are tutors that covers them on Utube and on this fourm and others.
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      Hi Bill, there's no program to produce portraits....sorry ! You can download free a few programs or buy some expensive ones... and learn how to make/draw portraits.... A good one is Gimp (free) to learn it. You can also have a look at the section tutorials here on the forum where you'll find a lot of info!

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        coyote stencil is a great program I am waiting on my coyote 3 it has a lot of new things that work eaiser like tracing and editing in the preview mode. I have found that the biggest problem with any program that relies on programing to produce the finished product to any extent is the choice of photos, avoid dark backgrounds and straight on pictures, I like the face to be turned a little to the right or left it makes things work a lot better and much quicker to the finished product. any program will require you to erase the things you don't want to cut, but with coyote it is a piece of cake.


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          I would go with Gimp and InkScape which are both free. Easy pattern making, I really don't know if there is an easy way to make patterns. Regardless of the program you use you have to learn the basics. While the over all concept of making patterns is not difficult, making good patterns that capture the subject just right does take work. If you get gimp let me know I will be more than happy to help you though the process.


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