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Cardinals & Another Razorback Bench

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  • Cardinals & Another Razorback Bench

    Made the Cardinal bench for my best friend of thirty years and this is my second Razorback bench of three that I'm planing on making . This Razorback bench is for my brother-in-law that helped me build my shop 9 years ago . The benches were given to me from a Local Funeral Home that was remodeling and told me they didn't want to see them in a flea markets or see them sold . I had no problem with just re-finishing them and adding something different to them for family members . I am retireing from messing with them after the last two are finished , and of course I'm making me a Razorback one for myself too . Any comments are welcomed .............MB
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    Usually busier than a cat in a sandbox !!!!!!!!!!! MB { Dewalt 788 only }

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    very nice work! Would be glad to have one of those too!
    Very thoughtful of the director, he didn't measure you did he??
    Jim B


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      Thanks Jim , when I took on these projects - I was just going to do just one . But then when the first Razorback turned out so well - well I just wanted to do more and after these two are delivered Saturday I just have two more and I am hanging it up - and going back to just scroll-work .............thanks again for your comment ........MB
      Usually busier than a cat in a sandbox !!!!!!!!!!! MB { Dewalt 788 only }


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