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Hegner Multimax 18in question

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  • Hegner Multimax 18in question

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used Hegner Multimax 18 for $300, retail for a new one looks like $1200+. Seems like a good deal to me, but I would like some second opinions. Looks a little rusty, good deal or not? Seller guarantees works great. I have attached a picture of the saw. Thanks.
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    I had mine for about 12 years and still very satisfied.
    The price looks good. If some is wrong you can always get parts.
    Rust can be removed.
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      Do you have a chance to give it a "test drive"? I don't see a quick release for the tension up front, but you can check with Advanced Machinery about whether that can be retrofitted. The price is a good one, if the machine won't need a lot of work. And if the rust is just surface, that shouldn't be a problem.

      Good luck!

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        I agree with Carol and Mike...go for it. I have two Hegners and parts are easy to get and easy to install....I have used Hegners for about 10 years and really like them....$300 for a working model is a steal!!


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          Thanks for the responses. I will be going to look at it tomorrow morning. I will be test driving it to make sure everything is in working order. Looks like a little rust removal and it will look pretty good too. thanks again


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            I also would say ...go for it! Great deal and like the others said, it's easy to get some new parts , maybe like a quick clamp for the blades to make life easier...

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              That is a deal! I paid $600 for a 1986 model Hegner just last year.
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