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Almost a Shamrock!

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  • Almost a Shamrock!

    I cut this today and it was a Shamrock but as I was sanding it I broke the stem off so I just cut it off and made it a bunch of Harts. Havn't stained it or anything. It's about 1 3/4" and cut from 1/4" Poplar (because that is all I had in 1/4")
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    I dunno Okie...I still see a shamrock....
    Good stuff.. Keep it up....
    That's some pretty clean cutting for something that small...!!!

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      Looks like a shamrock to me too! Of course, if you ask me in early Feb. I might see it as a bunch of hearts - lol


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        Well it had a stem on it but as I was sanding it, the stem broke off so I just trimmed it a tad, next ones I beefed up the stem nd they became full shamrocks :-)


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          Super glue a scrollers best friend. I carry two types in my shirt pocket. BTW if you have a leak take your shirt off slow or you will have to join the male Amazon club. Don't worry there's a bunch of us.
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            I started to glue it back on but then I decided that since it was made from Poplar, I needed a stouter wood, so I cut several more with 1/4" plywood and they worked out great and are a lot stronger.


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