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Trying to figure out if a scroll saw will fit my needs.

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  • Trying to figure out if a scroll saw will fit my needs.

    Im looking to get into jewelry crafting with metal and wood. Everything Iv been reading suggest that the scroll saw is a great tool for creating small intricate designs but when I ask about the tools needed, Im being told other tools would be better. Such as a band or jig saw or dremel trio or other similar tool.

    Below is the closest thing to what Im trying to achieve. They are small, ranging 1"-2" on avg and not very thick, an 1/8th give or take a few mm's. The metals Im looking to work with are aluminum, stainless steal and wood mainly.

    Im just trying to figure out what my best options are for creating similar iteams.

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    Those look like prime scroll saw projects to me.

    The harder metals may be an issue though.


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      Band saws or jig saws would generally be much too big and unwieldy for that size project.

      Traditionally you would use a hand held jeweler's saw for this, but you can fit some jeweler's blades in a scrollsaw to get the power advantage. You will want to make sure the scrollsaw is well tuned and can drive the blade perfectly vertically.

      A dremel (or similar rotary tool) would likely also be useful, but would serve a very different purpose.



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        A Scroll Saw will work the best because you can control the wood and soft metals. Harder and thicker metals will be a problem for the saw.


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          I don't think I would want my fingers that close to a band saw blade.


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            I agree. This definitely looks like a scrollsaw project. Although a dremel could be very useful to have on hand for finishing projects.
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