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  • It is Addictive!!

    Used my new scroll saw today, which is my first. I cut a cat and mouse that Steve Good had on his web site, and only broke one blade! I was really proud of myself, but, tomorrow will attempt inside cuts, so expecting broken blades and pattern. I know now this scrolling can become addictive. Wife made me come to the house, but, tomorrow is another day!! I have found a new passion:: WOODWORKING!! Made her a birdhouse using my new scroll saw, mitre saw, sander, and router. Learning on all these tools, but, the scroll saw is like a magnet, keeps drawing me to it!!

    Tony, aka, Toneman

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    Glad you are enjoying yourself. There is no reason to break a blade on a regular basis. Take your time and don't force the work, proper tension on the blade is a must, and proper size of blade for the project. You will be an old hand at this sooner than you can imagine. Date and sign your work, keep a photo album to track your progress. You will surprise yourself. Most important continue to have fun.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
    Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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      Tony breaking of blades is pretty common at first however you will soon find that you are not breaking them as much. Sometimes it is trying to cut too fast, sometimes it is the blade itself, sometimes the tension is too loose or too tight. As you get more experience you will almost automatically be able to set up your saw for the work you are doing and you are right scrolling is contagious, very contagious it is also very theraputic.
      Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your work.

      Life is hard. It is even harder when you are being stupid.
      John Wayne


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        yup, very addictive. i love the smell of red oak in the morning!! powr tool collecting can be addictive too!


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          hi toneman i am new at this first go on my saw was friday did a fish its on here somewhere lol the pic, i dont care if its not brill an i cut where i shouldnt have done, i just loved doing it, hey i have broke 3 blades dam tension cant seem to get it right , but i will keep trying , have fun , i know i am


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