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  • Help with Angle Please

    I need some help. I cut a small collapsible basket and set the angle on 4 degrees and it would not open right (to tight). I cut the second one out of 1/2" and cut it on 2 degrees and it opened to much (had to glue it together after I opened it).
    Now I have a 1' X 6" layed out on 3/4" Oak and I'm not sure what degree to set the table at. I don't want to mess this one up since I'm not very proud of the first two that I made.
    It has a 4" bottom and then a cut every 1/4".
    Any help will sure be appreciated.

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    When I first started cutting those baskets I had the same problem. I found out that my saw table had to be precise on the angle and I found out that my table was not holding at the same angle as I cut. The instructions for the baskets are in the book. I'll look for my book today but I wood suggest double checking your table angle and check for movement of the table.

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      Thanks for the reply, hope you find your book.
      When I've changed the angle and then put it back to "0" it has always been right where I started so I don't think that is my problem.


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        Okie ... Suggest that you draw a circle or two in the corner of the same piece of wood you are cutting. Then tilt your saw at different degrees and cut the circle(s). Use the same blade size you plan to use on the basket. Once you are done cutting the circle, you can determine if it is the right angle. If not, cut another. The key is you need to use the same size wood (1/2", 3/8", etc) and same blade to make your test cuts. Keep the cuts and mark them - degree of angle, blade. You can use them later for reference.

        It is the 'old fashioned' way but certainly tried and true. Our scrolling interest group just went over bevel cutting last week. By test cutting we knew what angle to set for our small demo projects.
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          Well that makes since. I have a long enough board to do the test cutting on it. I'll give it a try. Thanks


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