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copying large patterns

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  • copying large patterns

    I am wondering what most of you do when you purchase patterns that come in extra large sizes like 11x14, 11x17 ext... how do you make copies of them short of going to a copier CO. and having them make copies for you, seeing how most home copiers only take 8 1/2 x 11 ?
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    When I have a pattern that is to large for my 10X14 copier, I fold and after-wards I tape the copies together. If it is from a book I copy it 8X10 ( or approbate size) to file after which I enlarge it to what ever page size needed with Rapid Resizer.
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      I do lots of folding and copying, and then lots of matching and cutting. Then taping!. Just assure yourself that the copy machine you are using does not distort more in one dimension than the other - otherwise you will also need to put stuff in only one way. Some copiers don't seem to distort in either direction - those are (obviously) the best.
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        i take em to work! I spose that dont count huh? Dale
        also, some post offices and libraries can copy them.
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          Large Copies

          I usually make a light pencil mark through my large patterns like a grid. Fold the pattern and copy each portion. Cut on the line and tape together keeping my original in tact. Steve
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            most of my patterns are large...

            so Kinko's is about the easiest way to get them copied..the bad part is that $7 pattern cost $5-$7 to copy...

            I wouldn't want to try copying one of those 400 hole patterns this way but here's how I copy my patterns...
            it's an old over head projector, I get about 50 broken ones a year so I've put this one to good use...

            this is the only way to go when your doing Intarsia work...

            I've got some wood to fume...

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              I just go to kinko's for most of my copies. They can handle some pretty large prints..I think about 30" wide by as long as 500 feet. When I need to go bigger than that, and sometimes I do, then I go to a blueprint shop. The biggest copy I made was 3x5 feet and that was only $4. Check the yellow pages under blueprints/architects/engineers, or ask a local builder where he goes for his blueprint copies. I have tried piecing paper together and it's a nuisance, as well as not really being any cheaper than having a full size copy. Now working off a huge pattern is another story....
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                If you are not lucky enough to have an overhead lying around, a small light table will work. Try an art supply store or craft store in your area to find one. We have an old end table with glass top and I just put a small lamp under the table to turn it into a light table. You could also make one if you are handy. Build a box with a fluorescent bulb in it and a glass top. Plug it in and you are set to go. Some scanners do not distort and can be used as a copier also. Resizing can then be done with any photo editing program. Steve's suggestion of light pencil marks is a good idea for putting it all back together after printing of 8.5 x11 paper.

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                  When all else fails you can tape the original to a window place your paper over the original and trace.
                  I am fortunate enough to work where we can copy full size sheets 48 inches wide and unlimited length. Unfortunately I can't afford that much wood !
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