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  • Have you ever seen one of these.......

    First of all I would like to say hello to everyone. As a new member I hope I will be able to give and take as much as the more senior members of this forum.

    When I was younger and couldn't afford a good scroll saw. I got my hands on this mechanism with the idea of building it into a home made table to do some basic work. I never completed it because I was able to get a 24" Delta that I use to this day. I recently came across the mechanism again and I'm curious about what Rockwell had in mind when they produced it, and if this was the whole device or was there more? If anyone has seen this before maybe you can help me figure it out.

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    It looks like a industural fileing machine


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      I've never seen such a thing, but wanted to welcome you to the group.



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        Sorry, never seen one of those, but I also wanted to Welcome you to the Forum


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          What is it ?

          You may be able to take the numbers off the tag go on line to delta ,looking for that number part and find it that way . The size of the pulley leads me to believe it was slow moving ,thus very stout ,may have been for a punch of some kind ,let us know ,what you find out!
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            It's reciprocating mechanism uses the exact same parts as my 24" Delta 40-440. I'm pretty certain that it was intended to be a sabre type saw and the bars allow it to be clamped to cross members. As a technologist I would love to get to the bottom of it. I'll contact Rockwell and see if they can help.


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              My daughter has a very old saw that a friend gave her, and it has a similar piece that the motor drives (via a belt and pulley) that is under the table. The top blade clamp is attached to a piston and spring. The spring keeps tension on the blade and the piston provides air for the blower.
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                It's an early version of a flux-capacitor....

                ...sorry, I couldn't help

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                  Thanks for your help!

                  My own best guess is that Delta built this in order to add curve cutting to a machine that they had built earlier. I really wish Delta/Rockwell was still around in their previous form so I could get a straight answer.



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                    Can you post some other pictures at different angles so we can get a look at it from every direction.

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