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Update on splinter situation

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  • Update on splinter situation

    I was too stubborn to go to the doctor for the splinter and we finally got it out tonight!! It's surprising how something so little can hurt so bad!!!



    It felt like a log jammed in my finger! I really do appreciate all the replies I got to my original post. It's proof that the people of this forum really care!! Thanks again!!
    Cathy in NE

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    Cathy, glad to see that you got that log out of your finger!!! I too, like you, am too dang stubborn for a doctor's visit in most cases. Just make sure that you keep it protected and put some antibiotic ointment on it to help prevent infection. However, if you do notice some abnormal swelling and a red ring around your finger/hand DO make sure you go to your local doctor and get some antibiotics, as it is more than likely staff infection. Trust me, that is no fun to take care of, as I learned the hard way!

    Hope you heal quickly and get back to some sawdust!
    ~ Kim

    A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!


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      I am glad you got that bugger before it created some real issues for you.
      I have a monday morning routine at work, sitting at my microscope digging out splinters. I work with .001 inch wire so I have an assortment of very fine tweezers.
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        Glad that puppy is out, but check on the date of your last Tetanus shot next time your at the Doc, just in case you are after more of that Leopard wood.
        Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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          when I find myself getting slivers I start applying hand lotion several times a day. This keeps them to a minimum. (none at all) Dry skin = slivers for me.
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            Glad to see you got it taken care of. Do keep an eye on it for possible infection though.
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              Glad to hear you got that log out of your finger & hope it wasn't too painful for you. Now, just keep an eye on it & don't let it get infected. Stay away from those dry pieces of wood too. Take Care


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                I get a lot of them and they sure hurt.
                Glad you got it out.

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                  Now take that log and find a nice design and cut it for a remembrance. Happy for you that it is out.
                  Chuck D

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                    Bacitracin ointment and bandaid now and you should be fine. If it's been over 72 hours it's probably too late for a tetnaus.
                    I crammed a piece of wood up under my thumbnail about halfway, once.
                    I was hurting so bad....had to go to the ER to get it out and it took about 4-5 injections to get the thumb dead as they are hard to deaden and I could still feel it when he pulled that thing out.
                    My thumb was swelled up like a big old toad frog.
                    Crazy things happen to me, seems I'm always getting injured. I have fractured my foot, dislocated an elbow, caught my finger between two pieces of 2x4's and tore a piece of skin off and had to have that stitched, broke a glass in hot dishwater and cut my hand, tripped and fell in a parking lot and had gravel in my palms and caused bursitis to set up in my shoulder from the fall, crammed a sharp knife into a finger as I was trying to cut apart 2 frozen sausages.
                    I try to be careful but I'm beginning to think I'm like Tim the toolman Taylor...accident prone.


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                      Darn Cathy....we don't need two of us under the weather around here.... I know that really hurts...something most woodworkers will run into sooner or later. Just glad you got it out and hope you take good care of yourself.


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