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  • Hegner multimax saw

    I have an opportunity to purchase the hegner multimax scroll saw, for $150. I get pics later this evening and i go look at it tomorrow. any thoughts and what do i look for when i go check it out? I know vibration, accepts pinless blades,, anything else in particular i should check?

    Thoughts and opinions ...........

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    That is a really cheap price for a Hegner. Check it over good to make sure nothing is missing or worn. Parts are very expensive for a Hegner. For example, recently I had to replace the bellows on my Hegner and if I remember correctly the price approached $50.00 with shipping.

    Look for side play in the upper and lower arm bushings. Also take the side cover off and look at the connector that goes from the motor to the lower arm.



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      BUY it! I recently bought a 1986 Hegner multimax-3 for $600, and got a good deal. No variable speed and It runs great. For comparison Go to advanced machinery's site and price a new one. Hegner saws vibrate a lot if not secured to a heavy stand that is bolted to the floor. Once they are secured they smooth out a lot.
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        If it runs smoothly - buy it! You can add things like a better blower, arm that lifts... later.


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          Buy it as they say. I own two Hegners and you can purchase needed parts and they are easy to interchange. I have both of my saws on the steel stand they came with and just setting on my cement vibration at all.


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