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got my clock done

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  • got my clock done

    hello i have got my last project done it tock me over 200 hours to finsh it but it sure was worth the time i made it out of baltic birch and oak plywood
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    nice, very nice. i see patience is a virtue in this hobby


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      Sweeeee cuts in that project Joey, you've got some patience.
      Did you also make that wooden scroll saw I see a glimpse of on the left?
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        Oh my word - that's amazing! WHAT a lot of work, and nicely done - gorgeous project!

        I'm looking with envy at you people on the east coast who have basements to work in - that can be heated!


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          Great looking clock.
          I put a date above the clock numbers. made it in 1998.
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            nice clock Joey. Are you going to make your own dial? thank you for sharing. Where did you get your pattern and what is the name of the clock? we'd like to see it again with the dial and finish, It looks like a beauty.


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              Nice work Joey. I would also like to see it once you put the finish on and put the movement and dial on.

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                that is some fantastic work! you should be proud of yourself.
                at least now you get to see family and friends again... that is if
                they remember you??

                please post more pics!

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                  Amazing! Nice to see the Hawk worked well for you. That is an incredibly well done.
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                    The clock looks fantastic Joey! That's the Country Grandfather Clock pattern from Dirk Boelman isn't it? I am planing, sizing, gluing, white oak for the same clock today. Thinking of incorporating black walnut into it also. Hope I can end up with something as nice as yours.
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