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Delta scroll saw for $350 @ Woodcraft

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  • Delta scroll saw for $350 @ Woodcraft

    i got an issue of a woodworking magazine this week and it had a Woodcraft ad in it saying they will be having a sale for the Delta scroll saw with light and stand starting on 1-28-12 'while supplies last' and i think the price was going to be around $350

    Buy Delta 20 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Model 40-690 at Woodcraft

    thats a fantastic price again and im hoping i can get a few of my items sold so i can buy one! but i wanted others here to know about this great deal. its not a Dewalt but its the same exact thing and you can always paint it yellow if you absolutely have to.

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    Delta has come out with a new model, 40-695. Check out the new post under "Tools and blades".
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      If you are thinking about buying one you had better not wait. The individually owned stores (Baltimore,MD) were selling them for $349.99 at the beginning of Jan. and sent an add in there e-mail flier. When I called about them they were all ready sold out and said they would not be getting any more because they were being closed out. I called the Woodcraft catalog store and they had some but they were still $619.00. You might want to call them and see if you can reserve one for the sale price. I did track one down in the Delaware store and picked it up last week and so far I am happy with it.
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        They have list the best scrollsaw as the new Delta as the best buy also , and the Dewalt as the second best choice ..............MB
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          Follow the thread Mick spoke of to see my comments on that Delta saw. And yes, there is a very limited supply of them, the Woodcraft store nearest me got in 6 of them two days ago, and as of this afternoon they only had one still available. Jump on it if you can afford it!
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            I've had a chance to try out the new Delta. It's almost the same as the old one, but I see a few cosmetic changes. The speed dial and on/off switch look a little different, but the action, speed, and blade systems are the same as far as I can tell. Now it looks like they switched up a few parts when they painted the DW788 grey.


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              it figures

              I just got a 40-690 for $470ish. Have not put it together - trying to decide if I'll have the table expoxied or powder coated or something to prevent rust (I'll start a new thread on this).

              I was in Home Depot browsing magazines and saw the ad, which triggered me to search (via Google) and find this thread. Totally coincidentally, I joined this earlier today from work.


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                Depending on where you bought it, some places will price match.The only problem with that is they exclude close out items, and would most likely they would call this a close out sale. I apply Johnson's Paste wax to all of my cast iron stationary tools tables,it helps prevent rust and makes the wood slide on the surface much easier.


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                  Got mine. Can hardly wait to use it.


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